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Profile P3 Z-Seam alignment for plane wings

On models with plane wings made of LW PLA and Profile_P3, such as the Rise or the Eagle, it can happen that the ribs are visible on the top of the wings. The STL are aligned by default so that the Z-seam is always at the end edge. However, Cura always circles the wing in the same direction. This means that the upper side of a wing is run first, and only then the lower side. On the other side, it is the other way round, which means that (on some printers) the ribs are visible on the top side.

You can easily prevent this by rotating this part on the buildplate by 90°, as shown in the video. Check with the play button below if the nozzle prints the top side of the wing first.

The only downside to this method is that the Z-seam will then sit on the leading edge of this part. It depends on the printer used, which variant gives the better results.

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