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3d printed rc plane Icon A5 by Planeprint
3d printed rc plane Icon A5
3d printing profiles for the Icon A5

Cura 4.12.1 required! More info here ...


Fully 3D printable RC airplane developed by René Marschall

  • Wingspan: 1100 mm (43.3 inches)

  • Flight weight: 740 g

  • Wingload: 40g/dm2

  • 4-channel: (gas, aileron, elevator, rudder)

  • Material: PLA 450 g/Flex 5 g

  • Motorization: 3S

  • 4 x pico servos needed

    Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

     NOTE  Slicing only works with CURA! look here why…

The Planeprint Icon A5 is a scale replica of the spectacular original, a California-based amphibious sport plane. The aircraft has outstanding aerobatic capabilities and great flight characteristics. It can be flown relatively slow and very fast as well. Landing on grass is pure joy, have a look at our Videos …

The icon can be started and landed directly from a grass runway or with the optional landing gear on asphalt.


The Icon A5 manual for 3d printing your rc plane

PDF MANUAL V3 free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.

Here are some new spare parts for your Icon A5. It's worth taking a look …

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