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3d printed ASK14 by Planeprint
3d printed ASK 14 by Planeprint
Cura profiles for 3d printing the ASK14

Cura 4.12.1 required! More info here ...


Fully 3D printable scale RC airplane developed by René Marschall

  • Wingspan: 2500 mm (99 inches)

  • Flight weight: 1700 grams (elevator and rudder from LW-PLA)

  • Wingload: 46g/dm2

  • 7 or 8-channel: (gas, aileron, elevator, rudder, spoiler)

  • Material: PLA 1000 g/LW-PLA 200g/TPU 200 g

  • Motorization: 3S

    Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

     NOTE  Slicing only works with CURA! look here why…

Motor glider 3d printed by Planeprint

The man-carrying ASK14 is a single-seat motor glider with a permanently installed engine made by Alexander Schleicher. The first flight was in 1967. With a glide ratio of 28, it was one of the high-performance self-launching gliders at that time. To avoid the need for a helper during takeoff, the wingtips were fitted with wheels. 50 of the original 66 or so still fly today.

We have tried to reproduce the original aircraft as closely as possible, even the imprints of the covered surface of the wings and tailplane have been recreated.

Taking off and landing with the Planeprint ASK14 on the one retractable and sprung wheel is especially fun. While taxiing, the aircraft can be steered and balanced in all axes. The flight characteristics are very good and even pure gliding is very efficient. 


Download our free PRINTING & ASSEMBLING MANUAL, here you can see exactly what to expect before you decide to buy the STL data.

Printing and assembling manual

PDF MANUAL V1.4 free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.

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