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3d printed glider Rise Planeprint
3d printed glider Rise Planeprint
3d printing profiles for the Rise glider

Cura 4.12.1 required! More info here ...


Fully 3D printable modular high performance glider designed by René Marschall

  • Wingspan: 2000 or 2350 mm

  • Flight weight: from 650 grams

  • Wingload: from 19g/dm2

  • 2 to 7 channel

  • Motorization: 3S

  • Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

  •  NOTE  Slicing only works with CURA! look here why…
3d printed glider Rise Planeprint

The Planeprint Rise is a high-performance thermal glider that can convert the slightest air movement into altitude. Currently there are two different wings in the program, a RES-Wing and a 4-Flap-Wing, which have different characteristics. Both wings can be mounted on the fuselage with the same screws, so you can change the wing at any time and do not need to build a second fuselage. These kits are currently available in our store:

Rise glider by Planeprint 3d printed

The FUSELAGE of the Rise consists largely of lightweight PLA and is reinforced with carbon rods. The nose is included in two versions, a glider version and a motor version. You can glue it fixed or screw it off. To achieve the lowest possible weight, LW-PLA is absolutely necessary. For this reason the fuselage is very soft in the rear area, but for the designed speed range the stability is perfectly sufficient, the Rise is not a hotliner.

Why the Rise is offered exclusively with V-tail has several reasons, apart from the fact that it simply looks best ;-) It doesn't get stuck in tall grass on landing, which would be a challenge for the thin fuselage, and it can be built more lightweight than a conventional tail. Unfortunately, there are still limits to what we can do with 3D printing materials.

3d printable parts of the Rise RES-Wing

The aerodynamic design is inspired by the R.E.S. competition scene. It is controlled with elevator and rudder only, but don't worry, you won't miss the aileron. The perfect elliptical wing shape, which transitions smoothly into vertical winglets, makes the V-tail control commands extremely direct and dynamic. Thanks to the low wingload of 19 grams/dm2 achieved with the help of LW-PLA, the glider feels like a sheet of paper in the air.

The Rise's smooth flight characteristics make it suitable for beginners to a certain extent, but the thin fuselage requires very soft landings. But especially the experienced pilot is addressed, who is looking for a model with flight performance that is quite comparable with expensive competition models. Flying the Rise is pure fun.

3d printable Rise 4-Flap-Wing

The new 4-flap wing has the flight characteristics of an F5J glider. The wingspan is slightly larger (2350 mm) and the four flaps can be used to program different flight phases (speed, normal, thermal) as well as butterfly for landing. The wing has one bend in the middle and another bend on the outside and has an elliptical basic shape.


Due to the extremely thin Airfoil (Drela AG44) the wing is very flexible, which can be a bit surprising. But do not worry, due to the reinforcement with carbon tubes, it is sufficiently stable for thermal flight. The possibilities of the four flaps open many possibilities in strategic thermal flight, let yourself be surprised!


Download our free PRINTING & ASSEMBLING MANUAL, here you can see exactly what to expect before you decide to buy the STL data.

Printing and assembling manual Planeprint

PDF MANUAL V3.6 free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.

Here are some new spare parts for your Rise. It's worth taking a look …

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