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Planeprint Gippsland GA200 rendering
Logo Gippsland by Planeprint


3D printable Slow- and Park Flyer designed by René Marschall

  • Wingspan: 1000 mm (39.3 inches)

  • Flight weight: 360 grams

  • Wingload: 20g/dm2

  • 5 channel

  • Motorization: 2S

  • Material: LW-PLA 200g/PLA 40g/TPU 20g

  • Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

Planeprint Gippsland-GA200 by Planeprint

The Australian Gippsland GA200 "Fatman", an agricultural airplane derived from the Piper Pawnee, is the model for our new RC Slowflyer

The aim was to design an aircraft that was as light as possible to enable extreme slow-flying characteristics. The PLANEPRINT hybrid construction replaces large parts of the fuselage, tailplane and wing with 3mm foam panels. These are even significantly lighter than LW PLA and enable a very small wingload. The combined flap and ailerons make it possible to curve the entire wing and create different flight conditions.

The hybrid construction combines the advantages of 3D printing (very detailed and true to original shapes) and the foam sheets (practically zero weight) and you get a model plane that looks fantastic and flies just as well.

A special highlight is the motor vector steering, which allows the motor to move with the rudder. This makes the Gippsland extremely maneuverable around the vertical axis and can also be flown in halls with limited space. 

An unusual model that promises lots of fun, indoors and outdoors!

Planeprint Gippsland GA200
Planeprint Gippsland GA200 3d-printable plane


Download our free PRINTING & ASSEMBLING MANUAL, here you can see exactly what to expect before you decide to buy the STL data.

Printing and assembling manual Planeprint Gippsland

PDF MANUAL V1.1 free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.


Links to recommended accessories:

Foam board

Carbon strip

Carbon rod


3DJake Tough PLA:

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