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Planeprint Jetwing
Jetwing 3d printed jet by Planeprint
3d printing profiles


Fully 3D printable modular high performance EDF JET designed by René Marschall

This video shows how slowly you can (and should) land the Jetwing. Many thanks to Print Pilot!

  • Wingspan: 1270/2060 mm

  • Flight weight: from 860 to 1750 g

  • Wingload: from 28 to 48g/dm2

  • 4/6 channel

  • Motorization: EDF 70 mm, 4S or glider

  • Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

  •  NOTE  Slicing works best with CURA
Planeprint Jetwing fully 3d printed jet

The Planeprint JETWING is a high performance jet trainer designed as a pure flying wing model. The concept is modular and new parts are added in the future. A glider fuselage will follow shortly and a wing with a higher wingspan is planned, which can be used for both the glider and the EDF fuselage. So you can put together your personal model by choosing the modules or have different purposes covered in one system.

The JETWING can be built with and without wheels and is therefore also ground-launchable and usable on grass and asphalt runways. Due to the high speed range, we recommend the JETWING to experienced pilots who already have experience with fast models. However, it is not a pure speed model, but also has excellent gliding characteristics, which – for an EDF jet – allows exceptionally long flight times. A large part of the flight can take place in gliding flight.

Two different canopy designs allow you to customize the appearance of your JETWING. 

The Planeprint JETWING – lots of fun guaranteed!

Please note that you need at least two kits, a FUSELAGE Kit and a WING Kit, all fuselages and wings can be combined with each other:

Jetwing by Planeprint fully 3d printed jet edf version

The JETWING EDF fuselage is designed in a combined construction of LW-PLA and normal or tough PLA, resulting in a good weight/strength ratio. The LW-PLA parts are built using the new PROFILE_5_Gyroid method introduced on the SHARD. This construction method has the advantage of being more stable and less sensitive to deformation in the sun. We still recommend using light colors, which remain much cooler.


In this KIT two variants are included, you can build the Jetwing without steerable rudder or with rudder and integrated vector control. This vector control allows unusual aerobatic maneuvers such as flat spin or extremely fast turns. The performance of the EDF is not noticeably affected.

Jetwing by Planeprint fully 3d printed jet standard wing

The STANDARD WING kit contains the base wing for the JETWING, which will also fit the Glider Fuselage. The construction is the same as for the Fuselage, only the ailerons are printed from PLA to withstand the stresses of high speed.


The FUSELAGE GLIDER version allows you to operate the JETWING as a pure glider. There is the optional possibility to install a tow coupling for aerotow or to attach a bungee hook.

Jetwing by Planeprint fully 3d printed jet BIG WING

The BIG WING kit with a span of 2060 mm makes your JETWING grow up! This wing has it all. In combination with the GLIDER FUSELAGE you get a high performance glider, which is suitable for all missions from slope to aerotow. Even with the heavier EDF FUSELAGE the gliding performance is still outstanding. Due to the 4 flaps, a butterfly function is also possible, which allows controlled landings on small airfields. The BIG WING is recommended for experienced pilots.

Jetwing by Planeprint fully 3d printed jet


Download our free PRINTING & ASSEMBLING MANUAL, here you can see exactly what to expect before you decide to buy the STL data.

3d printed jet by Planeprint

PDF MANUAL V2.2 free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.

Here are some new spare parts for your JETWING. It's worth taking a look …

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