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3d printed rc owl by Planeprint
Planeprint Snowy rc owl
Cura Profile 3d print


Fully 3D printable RC bird designed and developed by René Marschall

  • Wingspan: 1650 mm (65 inches)

  • Flight weight: 1340g

  • Wingload: 30g/dm2

  • 4 channel

  • Motorization: EDF 50 mm, 3S or 4S

  • Material: LW-PLA800g/PLA80g/TPU20g

  • Printer space of 200x200x200 mm (cube) needed!

  •  NOTE  Slicing works best with CURA!
3d printed owl Snowy and René Marschall
Detail Snowy owl 3d printed

The SNOWY is Planeprint's third realistic bird model. With a wingspan of 1650 mm it ranks between the Seagull and the Eagle and corresponds to an adult female. 

This RC model is printed almost entirely in LW-PLA with our proven PROFILE_5_Gyroid, making it very suitable for everyday use and resistant to the heat of the sun. The bright plumage of a snowy owl additionally supports the suitability, one reason for choosing this bird.

Due to the inconspicuous air inlets and outlets of the EDF drive, no propeller interferes visually and the animal looks very realistic. The design of the surface is so detailed that even the feathers are shown in relief.

The flight characteristics are excellent and it responds very well to thermal conditions. Despite the 50 mm EDF, the wingload is still very low and it remains a true glider.

EDF version of the 3d printable Snowy
Fully 3d printed Owl Snowy


Download our free PRINTING & ASSEMBLING MANUAL, here you can see exactly what to expect before you decide to buy the STL data.

3d printing manual Snowy


free for download

We are constantly improving the manuals. Check if you have the latest version.

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