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New infos on PRINT: How to create the Planeprint profiles.

print profiles P1 to P5

Due to some updates to printers and slicer software, I have rewritten the instructions for setting the basic profiles P1 to P5 in the PRINT menu item.

The settings for the Prusa Slicer are also new. Since I don't have a Bambu printer and can't test it, it would be interesting to know whether these settings also work for Bambu Slicer, which is based on the Prusa slicer. It would be great if I could get feedback from Bambu users here.

The correct settings of the profiles are the basis for slicing Planeprint models correctly. For the large number of printers and filaments, individual fine adjustments for speed, temperature, retract ... are of course still necessary. With the help of our WINGTEST, profiles and the calibration of your printer can be tested quickly and easily without wasting a lot of time and filament.

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