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Bambu Printer and Planeprint Cura Profile P3

Updated: Jan 15

Bambu Lab X1 Carbon 3D Printer Cura P3 Planeprint

Many Bambu users ask me if I can simply optimize the models that were still designed for the Cura Surface Mode (Profile_P3) for Bambu. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. The basic design of these planes is completely different from the newer ones that were developed with Profile P5 Gyroid. The STL are made of infinitely thin, unconnected surfaces, rather than "waterproof" bodies as is usually required in 3D printing. With the experimental Cura function Surface Mode, weight-saving designs were thus possible. Since LW filaments have been available, it has been possible to design differently. Since the SHARD and all aircraft that came after, Surface Mode (Profile_P3) is history at Planeprint. The new construction method with 6% Gyroid infill in combination with LW PLA also has the advantage that the parts are not so sensitive to harder landings and withstand the heat in the direct sun better.

For printing our early Planeprint model airplanes Cura is necessary for slicing (Profile_P3).

Bambu printers work with a different slicer, which is based on Prusa.

However, according to our customers, it is possible to print profile 3 successfully with Bambu 3D printers. You can find a description here and here (Thanks to the authors!)

If you only have a Bambu 3D printer available and want to buy a Planeprint model, please test BEFORE you buy. You can use the free Wingtest to see if the Bambu slicer can process the data.

Please note: I cannot guarantee that this will work for all models!

The models designed for Profile_5_Gyroid and Lightweight PLA can be sliced with Bambu 3D printers without any problems. Nevertheless, I recommend to test it with our Wingtest before buying. Maybe Bambu users share their profiles on our Facebook group Planeprint Pilots?

As soon as I have more detailed info on this, I will post it here. Of course, I am also looking forward to reports from users who have successfully tested it.

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