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What kind of plane do you want to print?

Are you excited about RC airplanes?
Are you already familiar with
3D printing or would you like to learn?
Something broken?
Just reprint it.

You are exactly at the right place here. PLANEPRINT develops lightweight and detailed 3d printable rc model aircraft with innovative features and excellent flight characteristics

We are enthusiastic model pilots ourselves and test every model to the utmost before we offer you the STL files for 3d printing here. PLANEPRINT pilots choose from a wide range: classic airplanes, jets, acro models, birds, gliders, biplanes and many more ...

Fair data use by Planeprint

Infos about printing: When choosing a model, note that there are two construction methods. The earlier designs are printed with normal PLA and are marked with the PROFILE P3. This means that they absolutely need CURA for slicing!

Our new models are mostly printed in LW-PLA and are designed differently. They can also be processed with other slicers and are marked with PROFILE P5. The P5 variant is more stable, less sensitive to heat in the sun and easier to repair. More detailed information about the print profiles can be found here.

cura profile P3 only
cura profile P5

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