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Canopy fastener

Insert the slider from above into the fuselage opening and the carbon rod from the front through the opening. If it does not move easily, drill it out a little. It must be easy to move!
Push rod and slider all the way back and glue them together with a drop of CA glue.

 IMPORTANT  The glue must NOT get on the fuselage, harden it with activator spray!

Then clamp a small rubber band.

Start with STEP 1: Glue the interconnects in fuselage 2. Then put enough glue on Fuselage2 (not on the interconnects) and put the parts together.  IMPORTANT  First put all interconnects only a little bit into all slots and then join the parts with a quick movement, so that the glue does not set already during the pushing together.

Assembling the fuselage

Assembling the wings

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 IMPORTANT  The carbon tubes must NOT be glued!

Assembling the ailerons

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Assembling the Gear

Slightly sand the glued areas on the carbon tube.

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Remove support

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Assembling the Rudder

Make sure the rudder is accurate and moves easily.

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Assembling the Elevator

*The horizontal stabilizers are only plugged onto the carbon tubes and screwed on from below.

Remove the support for the servo cable holes

Motor mounting

 SAFETY FIRST!  Use appropriate screws for motor mounting to ensure safe operation! Make sure the prop runs smoothly and does not generate vibrations. Check regularly that the motor mounting is absolutely tight!

Build Notos8.jpg

The flat side faces backwards so that the motor points 1.5 degrees to the right.

You can change the angle of the motor by placing shims.

Slide the motor bracket all the way forward into the fuselage and glue it down very well. The motor must not become loose under any circumstances!

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Wing fastening

Screw the TPU tensioners into the wings, attach the wings to the fuselage and clip the tensioners into the frame.

AOA (Angle of attack) adjustment


With a hole mask on the wing, the AOA can be adjusted quickly and easily:

Build Notos11.jpg

Here on the fuselage you can check if the setting is correct.

We recommend 0.5 degrees as the basic setting.

Top wing fastening

Build Notos10.jpg

Place the top wing on the fuselage and tighten it from the inside with two tapping screws.

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Aileron Servo mounting

Cable duct

Mount the servo in the cover and screw the bracket to it. Then apply some CA glue to the bottom of the bracket and glue it into the wing. When the glue is dry, unscrew the cover again and glue the bracket well.

RC components

Attach the Controller, receiver and battery with self-adhesive Velcro.