• normal PLA about 400 grams

  • LW-PLA about 500 grams (Absolutely necessary)

  • TPU (A95) about 10 grams


  • some tapping screws Ø2*8 mm (simply search for: M2 flat head tapping screw assortment)

  • CA super glue (liquid and liquid medium)

  • CA activator

  • servo extension cable

  • Carbon tube Ø8*1000mm (inside 6mm), 2 pieces

  • Carbon rod Ø4*1000, 1 piece

  • Carbon rod Ø1.5mm*300, 1 piece

  • Steel wire Ø1mm

  • Rod connection, 5 pieces

  • Self adhesive velcro tape



  • Cutter knife

  • small Philips screwdriver

  • Drill Ø4mm, Ø2,5mm, Ø1,5mm


The Notos allows the installation of a wide variety of drives.

We have good experience with this version:

Engine: Hacker A30-10XL  or comparable motors

Prop: 14x7 (3S)

BEC-Controller: 80 A (must fit the engine!)

Receiver: 6 Channel

Battery: 3S Lipo, about 2.400-3000 MaH

Servo: Hitec HS-5055MG or (or similar in the same size), 5 pieces


For precise aerobatics we recommend not to use cheap servos.

Build Notos13.jpg


After installing the electronics and setting up the transmitter, check that the control surfaces are aligned correctly.

Set the transmitter trim to zero. Align all rudders to zero position. Change the position of the moving parts by changing the length of the linkage from the servo arm to the control horn. In-flight adjustments can be made later with the trim.

Setting the servo travel

Aileron up: 17 mm, down: 17 mm

Elevator up: 13 mm, down: 13 mm

Rudder both sides: 33 mm

(These are only approximate figures, as the Notos is aimed at experienced pilots.)

Expo setting


Aileron 40 %

Elevator 40 %

Rudder 30 %

(for some remote controls a minus has to be in front of the number)

Center of Gravity (CG)

The aircraft must balance precisely 107 mm/4.21 inches behind the leading edge (see markings on the fuselage). For the first flight we recommend to move the center of gravity about 5 mm/0.2 inches further forward.

 NOTE  Since many things can be adjusted according to individual preferences in the Notos, this information is only a basic recommendation.

Build Notos14.jpg

Flight timer

Flight time will vary depending on the battery size. Expect 5 minutes under normal circumstances; however, it may be possible to fly for much longer. It is a good idea to be conservative with the flight timer until you gain experience with your airplane.


Wingspan 1300 mm/51 inches

Lenght 1300 mm/51 inches

Flight weight 1470 grams (with 3S/2700MaH-Battery)